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AARP VISION INSURANCE: Vision Insurance For Seniors & AARP Vision Benefits

AARP VISION INSURANCE: American Association of Retired Person (AARP), is an interest group that has been serving many since its foundation in 1958 by Ethel Percy Andrus and Leonard Davis. It lays its focus on its mission to enhance and empower many in deciding what they should do after they age or about what kind of life one chooses to live after they age. With around 38 million members in this welfare group, it provides paid memberships, market insurances and many more other services that help the old American people to get through their issues related to life and livelihood.

One of the highlights of this group is its characteristic to not relay on political powers yet they work at the state and national government levels. Apart from the old-age insecurities, AARP has also started to focus on Middle-age issues or insecurities.

One of the note-worthy subsidiaries of AARP is its branch of AARP Services, Inc. which founded AARP Financial Inc. AARP Services was established after 40+ years, during 1999 and has been so profound in its work of providing Medicare supplement insurance, discounts for members for renting a car, vacation packages, pharmacy services, legal services, and even car insurance are covered under these AARP Services. It is also noted that AARP also gives importance to health care and does involve actions that produce the same.

One of its best services is the AARP Vision Insurance offered only for its members who have to take up the diabetic vision exams (if they need it) for 6 months once along with the loss of sights benefits. What exactly is a Vision Insurance? It is an insurance offered to any complications in the eye or in vision and does function like any other normal insurance scheme.

However, it is important to know which insurance plan is the effective and better one and so here are a few points which you need to analyze before taking up the apt insurance plan.

  • Discount Vision plans refer to the various vision benefits packages which allow a person to fix their services with a budget or a membership fee. From the chosen package, you can still reduce the overall cost by using the Discount vision plans which serve certain discounts to the rates.
  • It is those Benefits Packages which seem and function more like Health Insurance which covers certain prescribed costs and that too with certain restrictions.
  • It is stated that the Discount plans are comparatively cheaper than the Benefits Packages.
  • Discount Plans can opt when you have nothing to buy like frames or lenses. For all these, the Benefit Packages or insurances can be claimed.
  • These insurances will provide you solace and some peace by providing a certain amount as per its rules and plan details, which will reduce the amount spent from your side.
  • It is also important to note if the insurance plans are really beneficial and various comparisons in rates and quality of services provided can also be made.


Vision Insurance is an insurance that takes care of any issues related to your eyes, monetarily. Even to buy a frame or lenses, these insurances will share its hand in helping you out.

  • Through regular eye exams, one is estimated the soundness of their eyes and vision. In case of any further medical proceedings, this Vision Insurance, which is more affordable, comes in handy.
  • Insurance is a means of security, especially in unexpected cases or medical emergencies. When you choose the right plan, you benefit totally, else if you choose the wrong one, then you will find it hard to put the pieces together.
  • An Eye Exam is mostly compulsory to attend to gain this vision insurance. Such eye exams put your eyes and vision into constant trail and readings for stability and error-free state. These exams will also serve as a great means to know any complications in your normal health, in the beginning, the stage itself.

AARP Vision Insurance offers the right and efficient insurance plans which are more affordable and more beneficial for the one who opts it. Now that you are familiar with the AARP group and about various other factors about insurances and Vision Insurance plans, here are certain Vision Insurance plans offered by AARP Vision Insurance:


This plan is considered to be the most effective plan that you can take up as its coverage is more than other plans. Its details are:

  • It involves a frame of $200 for allowance for frames and involves $0 Co-pay for the Comprehensive Eye Exam.
  • Even discounts up to 20% of the $200 can be applied.
  • It also involves $25 Co-pay for the standard polycarbonate lens materials, standard plastic scratch costing and also for the standard or usual anti-reflective coating.
  • $200 is also allocated for purchasing contact lenses.
  • Apart from these, even certain discounts are also offered along with certain benefits that come outside the framework or network.
  • The total price of this plan will vary according to your specifications.
  • Your entire family will get a large coverage, unlike other plans.


Plan B is considered to be the moderate and the necessary or essential plan you should have if you have complications in your vision and if you are under any medical treatment.

  • $10 Co-pay is given for the Comprehensive Eye Exam which cannot be skipped.
  • The frames budget comes around $130 as allowance along with a maximum of 20% discount.
  • For the various type of lenses, $25 Co-pay is offered. However, Contact lenses attract $130 as an allowance, which is quite less than Plan A.
  • Apart from these, this plan is similar to that of Plan A, allowing certain discounts and other benefits.


The facilities they offer refers to its finance for the Eye exam and does provide discounts for various glasses and contacts.

  • Similar to that of Plan B, $10 Co-pay is for the comprehensive eye exam.
  • Various discounts will be applied for frames, lenses, and contact lenses.
  • Even other benefits, which are outside the prescribed way, are also offered.

These are the 3 different plans offered by AARP Vision Insurance schemes. It is also to be noted that all these 3 plans stay in link with other stores like Lens Crafters, Target Opticals, Pearle Vision and Sears Optical, whose bill payments are made by the insurance plans and not by you, on your personal count.

However just like other fields of services or insurance, even for this Vision Insurance, there’s a separate category for the Senior-citizens.


Senior-citizens should have insurance for their vision as they have for their whole body. This is because, as age increases, their health deteriorates. If you already have health insurance for your seniors, then its fine but when you don’t and you seem to find out that the seniors in your family have some issues in his/her vision, then you can opt the Vision Insurance which focuses on only on problems related to vision. However, each plan under this insurance scheme may vary in their own terms and rules but the basic things like eye exams will always be covered. Do Check More on myaarpmedicare.com

The things which will be covered by this Vision Insurance for Seniors fall into 2 main categories/plans namely: Vision Benefits Packages, which gives the seniors the coverage that fits into a certain fixed amount & Discount Vision Plans for seniors which deals only with discounts  of up to 20% and not a prescribed budget for the vision care services laid. It is always better to opt for the Vision Benefits packages if the issue is severe, however when they are not and when you are not indulged into buying regular lenses or frames, then the discount option (which is not insurance) can opt.

The cost of these vision insurance schemes for the seniors includes the payment for many things related to the proper health of the seniors’ eyes. Just like any other insurance scheme, even this Vision Insurance consists of insurance premiums which are to be paid either each month or annually.

Apart from these regular pays, even some co-pays are required to be paid while the services are presented and received. However, this coverage under this Vision Insurance of AARP tends to lend more coverage throughout your life. The coverage of the yearly eye exam, glaucoma testing, and the muscular degeneration are all included in the Medicare Part B insurance. All this will happen when the premium you pay is done properly.

Apart from AARP, there are several other Vision Insurance providers like Humana, VSP Individual Vision Plans and even Medical Mutual. However, the best insurance services are provided by AARP.


It is important to know about the Vision Insurance provided by AARP, however, it is equally important to see from where this insurance can be claimed or applied to as the wrong place or procedure would end up wasting your money and time. By directly approaching the AARP group for their Vision Insurance services, you can get enrolled in that scheme. However, if not that, the seniors can enrol themselves in various programs conducted by AARP, which will lead to a great reduction in the overall costs.

  • You can also visit the page https://www.eyemedvisioncare.com/locator/locator.emvc?execution=e1s1

To find the apt provider of such Vision Insurances. By entering your postal code and other details asked on the website, you will be directed to a set of providers, who might not be a part of every plan.

However, it is always necessary to enroll yourself or the required seniors in the EyeMed plan as it is EyeMed which actually provides the services under AARP.

To avoid these details, you can directly login through your EyeMed Membership, which will again take you to a page where you will have all the suggested providers as per your EyeMed plan.

  • If in case you are not a member, and if you wish to become one, do click this link: https://appsec.aarp.org/mem/join#/jp?campaignId=FASUEYEM&cmp=ASI_P_MU_JN_EYE

which will take you to a page of registration. Fill in the necessary details and do get to own an AARP account through which various services can be claimed.


  • Official website of AARP: www.aarp.org
  • TOLL – FREE number for all over the nation: 1-888-687-2277
  • TOLL – FREE number for Spanish: 1-877-342-2277
  • In case of any International calls: +1-202-434-3525
  • Working Hours: 7 am to 11 pm on all weekdays, starting from Monday till Friday.
  • Locate us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Postal Address: AARP, 601 E Street, NW, Washington DC – 20049
  • EyeMed’s contact number: 1-844-243-4584

If despite all these given information, if you get any queries to feel free to contact them. Even when you have doubts about the prescribed information, you can still contact AARP Customer Support to solve your doubts.


  1. The Loss of Sight Rider covers what or how much?

It is stated that $25,000 will be offered to those who have lost their eyesight or vision on a permanent basis. This can be either due to sickness or even due to sight. In case one has lost their vision completely forever due to some injury, then $10,000 will be offered. For further details contact EyeMed’s Customer care at (844) 243-4584.

  1. In what intervals should I take up the eye test?

Monthly or annually, as prescribed by the doctor, the eye test should be taken. Even otherwise if you do not have any prescription from the doctors, you could still take up the test just to know if everything is alright.

  1. What about Vision Insurance ID cards?

Once you finish enrolling yourself in the AARP MyVision Care Plan, you will be given 2 Vision Insurance ID cards. Even though this card is not necessary at the time of action or service, it is still necessary and therefore, when you lose it, or if your family needs a few more ID cards then do contact the customer care of EyeMed at (844) 243-4584

  1. What is the Diabetic benefit Cover’s coverage?

Those who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics are only allowed to take up additional coverages provided by this diabetic benefit cover. These additional charges are when you take up an extra vision test or exam from the provider like EyeMed. Even the Eye exams taken up twice a year are added into this scheme.

  1. Till when should I wait for my plan to become liable and usable?

There is no much waiting period under this AARP Vision Insurance plan. As soon as you enroll in the AARP MyVison Care, offered by EyeMed, your process will begin the start of the following month. For instance, if you enroll yourself during the 24th of May, then your plan will become effective only from June 1st of the same year.

Diane J. Garcia
Dr. Diane J. Garcia, December 8, 1980, was an American surgeon and writer who taught bioethics, history of medicine, and medicine at the Yale School of Medicine, and occasionally bioethics and history of medicine at Yale College.


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